On Afryk

We provide a online platform that links Africans, Friends of Africa, the African Diaspora and Pan-Africans worldwide to each other. We gather and distribute culture agnostic information, entertainment and consumer products to a ever-growing global community of fans and consumers of African Products.

Val Lopes - CEO, Afryk



At the centre of Afryk is the African consumer and the growing need for “Africa Branded” content, products and services. The services we provide are designed to make it easier for Africans to bring their consumer habits and even their LifeStyles to the connected world.
Technologies like search engines and other internet services that we all know and use, do not take the culture of a user in consideration. This makes it difficult for Africans to find cultural relevant information. It is hard to include our strong cultural values in our digital life. Afryk's services add an African layer to the world wide web, without compromising on design and usability.

Afryk | tribe

Social Networking and Messaging features for all the visitors of Afryk.com

Afryk | sites

Cloud-based Website and Blog creation: Based on different design templates with features tailored to a number of african user-cases. With Afryk | sites bloggers, influencers, artists, small and medium businesses can have their websites up in minutes.

Afryk | spots

Directory and Listings: A user-friendly location-based directory of African businesses and institutions in the diaspora, this geolocated service makes it easier for Africans to find, and African businesses to be found.

Afryk | stores

Online Store and Marketplace for small and medium businesses willing to sell their products trough Afryk and take advantage of our network, services and social.


Culture Agnostic Analytics and Market Research tools combined with News, Data and Content Management trough advanced aggregation and networking of all the information on Afryk sites, spots, tribe, etc...


The purpose of Afryk is to establish a content based internet platform providing Africa and Africans with website blogging and hosting services, a online directory of African and Pan-African businesses and a global online marketplace.

To tie everything together, afryk.afryk.com is based upon a culture agnostic social network around Africa and it’s diaspora, this allows us to crowd-source information, review their importance and relevance and, eventually, become a value-based content provider and trusted African internet and technology platform.


Our vision is to become the trusted go-to source for culturally relevant information, entertainment and products for African and Pan-Africans on the web.

Revenue Sources

Ad-supported freemium business model combined with productized services.

Our SaaS platform consists of ad-supported free core-features and subscription based feature rich premium offerings that we up-sell to a small percentage of our users. This disruptive model called freemium is commonly used within the software industry, we will apply this business model throughout our entire products and service range, everywhere we see fit.

In 4 Steps

Build: Based on open source applications, design and develop the platform, software and infrastructure with all the features and tools, both front-end and back-end, needed to run the system.


Advertise: Attract quality content and relevant information in order to create a audience and returning visitors to which we can display advertisements from our d-partners.

Market: Convert freemium users into paying customers, subscribing to premium sites, hosting, directory listings and buying ads for their businesses.

Grow: Based on african values, create and sustain the necessary corporate culture to stay relevant to our audience and customers and turn Afryk into a sustainable and profitable venture. Continually ad new features and innovate in order to be at the forefront of technology and always a step ahead of our competition.

Keys to Success

  • Relationships: building and maintaining strategic relationships on the base of cultural resemblances with our customers and users of all Afryk Services and products
  • Focus: Adopting a customer- and market-focused sales and marketing paradigm;
  • Africanity: Put African traditions and values of Ubuntu philosophy in the centre of our corporate culture
  • Value: We strive to offer the most valuable content to Africans, no matter where they live in the world
  • Community: By building communities around African values, cultures and interests, we will grow a substantial social capital, which will benefit every member of the community and, in turn, grow our advertisement revenue.
  • Credibility and Reputation: Cultivate credibility and maintain a good reputation among our users and customers,  for Africa and by Africa is our credo
  • Usability: We are developing what we call Culture Agnostic Design. In a world where design and usability is becoming more and more important, we are focusing on appealing to the African Eye